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Severe Service Control Valve Proteck

image of Severe Service Control Valve Proteck


Many valves are marketed for critical service control but few can provide the complete solution needed for the grueling conditions of severe service PROTEK® valve was designed solely for this purpose - to meet your specific control valve needs. Whatever your application, for severe service control, there is only one intelligent choice: PROVAL PROTEK® control valve.

PROTEK® is PROVAL of the line high performance specialty trim that offers a proven solution th those severe service applications where a true velocity control trim is the best of possibly the only answer. By limiting the fluid velocities inside the valve, PROTEK® stacked disc design precludes those problems typically associated with high vibration and poor control. Every PROTEK® trim is custom designed to meet the needs of the toughest liquid, steam and gas services in the power and process industries.



· Reduced Fluid Velocities
Design ensures lower fluid velocities for longer trim life.
· Disc Stack Design
  1. 1. Particles pass easily through the disc stack.
  2. 2. Expanded inlet passages keep large contaminants from damaging the trim.
  3. 3. Inspection is easy.
  4. 4. Stack disassembles for cleaning or maintenance.
· Variety of Materials
Disc stack can be made from a variety of materials as required by service conditions.
· Unique Staged Pressure Reduction Design
Gaseous and hydrodynamic noise effectively reduced, Cavitation eliminated, Pressure drops reduced in steps.
· Double-acting, Cylinder Actuator
high thrust and stiffness in other directions for high-performance throttling in extreme pressure drops, Compact and lightweight for easier servicing and maintenance, Wide interchangeability, Actuator rated for air pressures up to 150psi


Body Sizes. 1” to 20” 15A ~ 500A ( 12B ~ 20B )
Body Style Globe.& Angle
Pressure Ratings ANSI 150# ~ 4500# / JIS 10K ~ 63K
End Connections Flanged, Socket Welded and Butt Welded
Temperature Range Metal Seat : -150°C ~ 565° , Soft Seat: Max 250°C
Seat Touch design Metal Seat or Soft Seat
Trim Design Unbalanced, Balanced and Auxiliary pilot
Characteristics Linear, Equal-percentage Quick open and Custom designed
Range ability Min 30:1, up to 300:1
Disk Stack Guiding Metal or soft sealed
Materials/Body A216-WCB , A217-WC6, WC9, A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3M
Seat Leakage ANSI / FCI 70-2 Class II, III, IV, V (VI Only soft seat).